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This deviation was deleted

Everything described was simply from the minds of the average person, in other words you described modern societies' trust in others. But, if you may. I did not understand the 1st two stated letters. I want that area to be enlightened. :))))))))))))) thumbs up for the rest! :bd It's like betrayal, but in a much broad topic. My Point of View: Trust that was made, was now destroyed. The person holding or in-care of that trust did not value it enough to realize what has been, and what was lost. ~End~ I hope that made sense, cuz my world of opinions usually confuses people. XD
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LetThereBeApples Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Awww, thanks for the critique ^^

Indeed i see what you're saying, and it is always nice to hear what other people have to say about something you've written, and see what they think of it and/or what it means to them, so thank you for that too.

As for what you said about the first two, i am not sure i understood what you said, sorry ><
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